The Ancient
Society of
Est. 1637

The Ancient Society of College Youths

Established in 1637, the Society is the premier change ringing society in the City of London, with a national and international membership that promotes excellence in ringing around the world.

Master 2017-18
Henry D Coggill

Practices & Meeting

Dec 19
St Magnus
Dec 26
No Practice

Practices are held at 6:30pm except at St Sepulchre (6:10pm).

The next business meeting will be held on 1st Jan at The Counting House, Cornhill.

New Members


In Memoriam

FRANCES W (Bill) SLOCOMBE, Wellington, Somerset
JOHN B SANSOM, Berkhamstead

The longest peal rung on 12 bells

On October 25th a Society band set a record for the longest peal yet rung on twelve bells, at St Anne, Alderney. 25056 Bristol Surprise Maximus was completed in 16 hours and 7 minutes.

Details of the peal are available on BellBoard.

The Coffee Pot

Some Former HQ Pubs

The 2017 newsletter includes an excerpt from an article on meeting places used by the Society from the late 18th century to the present day, written by our former Librarian, Chris Ridley.

The full version of the article is available here.

Election of Officers

At the November meeting Rob Lee was elected as Master. Tessa Beadman becomes Immediate Past Master, a position vacated by Katie Town. Henry Coggill was elected Senior Steward, and Leigh Simpson joined the top table after his election as Junior Steward. Graham Firman was elected as Treasurer, with Phil Rogers standing down after ten years. Chris Kippin becomes a Trustee, replacing Chris Rogers.

Forthcoming Events

Country Meeting

14th July 2018

This year's Country Meeting will be held in Cardiff, with peals arranged in the previous days.

Master's Challenge

1st September 2018

The next instalment of this competition will be taking place in Guildford.

Peal Weekend

15th–16th September 2018

This year's peal weekend will include activities focused on South Devon.

Recent Society Peals

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5040 Treble Dodging Minor

Rung on Tuesday, 12 December 2017
at City of London (St Mary-le-Bow).

5104 Spliced Maximus
(6 Methods)

Rung on Saturday, 9 December 2017
at City of London (St Michael, Cornhill).

5014 Stedman Cinques
Rung on Wednesday, 6 December 2017
at City of London (St Michael, Cornhill).

5088 Oxford Treble Bob Major
Rung on Sunday, 3 December 2017
at Aldenham (Aldenham School), Hertfordshire.

5120 Lessness Surprise Major
Rung on Saturday, 2 December 2017
at Swindon (St Mark), Wiltshire.

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