The Ancient
Society of
Est. 1637

Lincoln Country Meeting 2017

The Country Meeting will take place in Lincoln on 19th August. There will be a dinner at The Engine Shed, Brayford Pool, Lincoln LN6 7TS. This is on the university campus, in the lower part of the town quite close to the station.

Thursday 17th August

Peal attempts
Practice night at Lincoln Cathedral (12, 23-3-13)
Meet by door of the Ringers' Chapel (SW corner of the West front) by 1915 - door is locked thereafter
Drinking and eating
The Wig and Mitre, 30-32 Steep Hill, LN2 1LU
Private room reserved from 2000 onwards
Later drinking
The Strugglers, 83 Westgate, LN1 3BG

Friday 18th August

Peal attempts
Drinking and eating
The Adam and Eve, 25 Lindum Rd, LN2 1NT
Area reserved from 1900 onwards

Saturday 19th August

Open ringing at Lincoln, St Giles (8, 18-0-2)
Lunch at the Victoria, Union Road, LN1 3BJ
Pre-order from attached menu – orders by 5pm Wednesday 16th August to
Open ringing at Lincoln Cathedral (12, 23-3-13)
Business Meeting in the Ringers' Chapel, Lincoln Cathedral
1800 for 1830
Dinner at the Engine Shed, Brayford Wharf E, Brayford Pool, LN6 7TS

Sunday 20th August

Service ringing at Lincoln, St Giles (8, 18-0-2)
Service ringing at Lincoln Cathedral (12, 23-3-13)
Access arrangements as per Thursday